“Jane brings a wonderful sense of humor and fun to the class along with a spiritual connection. It’s hard to preach and be humorous at the same time, but she pulls it off.” – Lea, Psychotherapist

“Jane continually helps me see the role of an open heart and calm mind in a healthy body…her ability to individualize each yoga class means that everyone gets what they need.” – Lynne, Writer

“I never hurt so good!” – Eric, Computer Guru

“After resisting yoga for many years because of my insecurities, I had an opportunity to join a class with Jane. Jane is a truly wonderful teacher…gentle and kind and encouraging, and she pushes me just enough. I come away from class each time feeling that I have done something really good for myself. She is fantastic!” – Marion, Human Resources Professional

“Without a doubt, the best and most personable yoga teacher on the Vineyard! She takes her yoga and her teaching very seriously, but herself – not so much!” – Shelly, Licensed Psychologist and Registered Nurse

Foggy morning class at an oceanside farm

“Even yoga can become routine unless you discover a teacher who brings enthusiasm along with a fresh view point to every class. Jane’s classes don’t just shift a few asanas each day; she brings a new philosophical view, challenge, humor, and focus to every class.” – Todd, Web Marketing Pro


1 thought on “Testimonials

  1. I did a forearm headstand for the very first time after years of doing yoga. When I thought about why–the word TRUST came to mind. I trusted Jane, trusted she would catch me if I fell, and trusted how very open and connected she was in class. She raises the bar for Yoga teachers. Take just one class with her and you may well find yourself gravitating toward her sound teaching, her knowledge, her integrating spiritual, kindness and physical practice.

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