I am constantly amazed by the abundance of beauty, love, and grace that the universe freely showers upon me. I have had the privilege of teaching Anusara-inspired yoga® for over seven years and watched with wonder as my students have stepped into the flow of grace, opened their hearts and minds, strengthened their bodies, and healed from injury and pain. My first yoga experience was on a snowy January day on Martha’s Vineyard in 2001. I went back to class the next day and have never looked back. I was blessed to be introduced to Anusara yoga in June of 2003 at the insistence of my good friend, Peter Goodman, and from the moment I heard the beauty of the opening invocation, I knew I was home.

I began my teacher training with Deb Neubauer, one of Anusara founder John Friend’s longtime students in January of 2004, and completed the year long 200 hour program. In 2005, I continued on with Deb’s advanced teacher training, and began training with John Friend. I have completed the curriculum requirements for Anusara Yoga Certification, one of the most rigorous certification programs in the yoga world, and intend to achieve certification in 2012. To date, I have over 500 hours of teacher training in the Anusara style, and have taken workshops and classes with Desiree Rumbaughi, Todd Norian, Anne Greene, Sianna Sherman, and others. My deep interest in the elegant Tantric philosophy of Anusara Yoga has inspired my studies with Dr. Douglas Brooks, Dr. Paul Muller-Ortega, Dr. William Mahony, and Christopher Hareesh Wallis. My specific areas of interest are the therapeutic applications of Anusara’s Universal Principles of Alignment™ and the exploration of the spiritual and philosophical foundations of this yoga.

In addition to practicing and teaching, I enjoy the radical beauty of the island of Martha’s Vineyard with my husband, Jeremy. I love cooking vegetarian foods from a wide variety of ethnic cuisines, beaching combing, exploring the island’s extensive network of trails with canine companions Iris and Bravo, hanging out at home with a purring cat on my lap, and connecting with my Anusara kula friends from all over the world at workshops and training, and on the web. I was awarded my Anusara Certificate in March of 2014. 

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