About Anusara Yoga

I’ve been a student of Anusara yoga since 2002, and began teaching it in 2004. For over twelve years, I’ve been blessed to share this life enhancing practice with hundreds of students on Martha’s Vineyard and beyond. Infused with an affirming, heart-opening philosophy, Anusara yoga’s Universal Principles of Alignment™  (UPAs) turn the practice into a celebration of body and mind.

What makes Anusara yoga effective? First, Anusara yoga teachers look for what’s good in their students, and from this place begins to help them refine their poses into a dynamic and balanced expression of their unique beings. Vashi Rock Anusara yoga teachers aim to uplift and energize their students in a safe and structured way. However, no two classes are alike — each class will have a different postural focus, pace, and philosophical theme. Some classes are directed at beginners, some for more adventurous and experienced yoga students, and specialized classes like prenatal yoga, yoga for active seniors, meditation, and therapeutics are common. Anusara yoga classes have a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. If you’re new to yoga, or have questions, Anusara teachers will help guide you and welcome you to the right class for you — just ask!

A modern form of hatha yoga, Anusara is taught by over 600 teachers around the world, members of the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga (ASHY), a 501c3 non-profit organization. As a founding member of ASHY, I helped shepherd the school from it’s beginnings through the establishment of the non-profit in 2016. The multi-year certification process for Anusara yoga teachers is among the most rigorous in the yoga industry.

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